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Moon Called, Patricia Briggs

Moon Called, Patricia Briggs

I said I’d be back on September 17th, and here it is…already September. When did that happen?! I could have sworn it was May a moment ago, and yet here we are rushing headlong into autumn with hardly a pause for the summer season. Last week, we we were sweating to 90+ degree temps, and now we shut the windows at night because it gets too cold for the baby if we don’t. I love this season, I really…

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Godsquad, Heide Goody and Iain Grant

Godsquad, Heide Goody and Iain Grant

This is going to be my last review pre-baby arrival. Although I’ve discovered already how hard it is to take proper maternity leave as a freelancer, I think it’s important to try and separate from work to enjoy family bonding/spend any sliver of downtime I may have sleeping. The plan is to be back with new reviews beginning on September 17 (slightly more than three months so that I may enjoy…

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The Hero and the Crown, Robin McKinley

The Hero and the Crown, Robin McKinley

Although the mother of one of my oldest friend gifted me both The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword for my birthday a few years ago, the books had ended up on my to-read shelf and I’d basically forgotten about them until we hosted our annual pancake party back in February. These books have such unassuming little spines, and although they’re readable in a day (I know, because I read Hero in…

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Finn Fancy Necromancy, Randy Henderson

Finn Fancy Necromancy, Randy Henderson

Do you ever buy a book purely for the title? I have to imagine the answer is yes, and the main reason I want to believe this is that I really struggle with titling projects and I want to believe that at the end of the day, all that agony has meant something. I want to know that at least a few people who buy my books are doing so not because they know me or my work or even because they care much…

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Should You Use the Self-checkout?

Should You Use the Self-checkout?

I have written several times about the victories and defeats that happen each and every time I set foot in a grocery store–which is a minimum of four times a week–but there’s one thing I can no longer stay silent about.

Well, there are many things I can’t stay silent about, but this one is tops on the list–the self-checkout lane.

What should be an easy process–get in line, scan, pay, leave–is…

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