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Karla Souza Breaks Down Finale Shocker on ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ (SPOILERS)

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the two-hour “How to Get Away With Murder” Season 3 finale, which aired on Thursday, Feb. 23. The Season 3 finale of “How to Get Away With Murder” ended on a cliffhanger that no one saw coming: Laurel’s (Karla Souza) father (Esai Morales) was the… Read more »

Friday’s Morning Rush Video, 5 Facts: Official: Trump adviser asked FBI to dispute Russia reports

The 5 Facts You Need to Know

  1. President Trump is preparing to take the stage Friday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland. His speech comes after reports that the White House asked the FBI to publicly downplay media reports about alleged contact between members of Trump’s campaign team and Russia intelligence officials. The FBI reportedly refused. The President is also expected to sign another executive order Friday. No other details on what the order entails but we have been awaiting his new immigration and travel ban which the White House has said will come this week.

Full story: Official: Trump adviser asked FBI to dispute Russia reports

  1. A bill that would raise New Mexico’s minimum wage is moving forward with bipartisan support after clearing its first hurdle in committee. Right now minimum wage is $7.50. The bill would also allow a training wage of $8 an hour for new employees up to 60 days.

Full story: Bill to increase minimum wage awaits further discussion

  1. A much cooler start to the day with morning temperatures down to the teens, 20s and 30s across the state. This cooling trend will continue through late day with afternoon highs dropping 5°-15° compared to Thursday – expect widespread 30s, 40s and 50s across western and central NM (60s for those in the far east/southeast).

Full story: Kristen’s Friday Morning Forecast

  1. An actor’s anti-Trump web cam is down again after it was briefly turned on Friday. Shia LaBeouf posted on twitter early Thursday he was turning it off right after gun shots were fired when a man recited a poem in front of the camera near Central and 6th. Albuquerque police say the shots came from a road rage incident that ended in a crash a block away. Two suspects are in custody.

Full story: Shia LaBeouf cuts live stream after reports of shots fired near exhibit

  1. A 14-year-old Roswell boy who’s battling cancer is likely waking up all smiles after an unexpected surprise. Roswell police officers showed up to Irvin Gonzalez’s home along with the SWAT team vehicle. They even gave him a short ride.

Full story: Roswell police pay surprise visit to teen battling cancer

The Morning’s Top Stories

  1. Santa Fe builder’s sentencing expected Friday after fraud, embezzlement convictions
  2. Airport in Malaysia attack safe, operator says
  3. Mayor ‘deeply disturbed’ over incident between cop and teen
  4. Company issues statement about stolen van involved in crash
  5. Lucky Paws celebrates anniversary with pet adoption event
  6. Community Cupboard proves to be an unlikely source of help for those in need

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MD House Ways and Means Committee to hear classroom digital device safety bill

screensandkidsPress Release
House Ways and Means Committee to hear classroom digital device safety bill

February 23, 2017

(ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND) The House Ways and Means Committee of the Maryland General Assembly will hear legislation on Friday, February 24th at 1:00 that directs the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) to craft safety guidelines for the use of digital devices in Maryland public schools.

Delegate Steven Arentz (R-District 36) has sponsored the legislation, House Bill 866, “Primary and Secondary Education – Health and Safety Guidelines and Procedures – Digital Devices.” The bill has 25 co-sponsors and broad bi-partisan support. An identical bill has been cross-filed by Senator Steve Hershey (R-District 36), co-sponsored by Senator James Brochin (D-District 42) and Senator Susan Lee (D-District 16). It has been referred to the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee.

HB866 aims to protect Maryland students from the health hazards that medical experts have for many years associated with daily use of digital devices. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has had regulations governing the use of computers for office workers since the 1990s, but schools have no medical oversight.

“More and more experts are proving that there are serious risks to our kids’ health because they spend every day on a digital device,” Delegate Arentz said. “Maryland students need to get the most out of this technology, so we want medical professionals to lead us in a safe direction.”

Researchers have shown that many of the same health issues addressed by OSHA are now facing students who use digital devices every day in school. Retinal damage from blue light emissions, myopia, sleeplessness, muscle and joint pain, headaches, blurred vision, obesity, anxiety and addiction have all been associated as health risks facing students because of daily digital device use.

The bill has substantial support from the state’s medical community. The Maryland State Medical Society (MedChi), which represents all of Maryland’s doctors, voted to support the legislation at their most recent meeting, according to Gene Ransom, MedChi’s Executive Director. One of the co-sponsors, Delegate Clarence Lam, is a physician who leads Johns Hopkins University’s preventative medicine residency program.

Believed to be the first of its kind, the Maryland bill also has the attention of several large health groups across the country. The nation’s leading vision health organization, Prevent Blindness, supports the Maryland bill. Senior Vice President Jeff Todd wrote a letter commending Maryland’s “efforts to ensure children’s vision, eye health and safety is at the forefront of any statewide effort related to childhood development.”

Optometrists from around the country have also sent support to the General Assembly urging passage of this legislation, including J. Scott Sikes, O.D., a NC Optometric Society Education Trustee and Dr. Geoffrey Goodfellow, OD, FAAO, an Associate Professor at the Illinois College of Optometry and an attending optometrist in the Pediatrics/Binocular Vision Service of the Illinois Eye Institute.

“Protecting eyesight when it comes to the progressive use of digital technology and screen time addiction in young people is our number one priority” said Justin Barrett, CEO of Healthe, a company that creates products “to reduce exposure to harmful digital UV and High-Energy Visible (HEV) blue light emitted from such devices.” “We hope the lawmakers will pass this important legislation to set a precedent for other states in the protection of all students.”

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, PhD, LCSW-R, a nationally recognized addiction expert and author of Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids, writes: “I commend the screen safety effort in Maryland and strongly encourage the General Assembly to pass HB 866 and SB 1089 to mandate medically sound classroom regulations.”

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) is a national advocacy organization with nearly 50,000 members, including 1,000 in Maryland. The group has asked Maryland lawmakers to give HB866 their “complete endorsement.” In a letter to the Ways and Means Committee, CCFC Executive Director, Josh Golin, writes, “It is critical that medical professionals develop clear, research-based, age-appropriate guidelines for the use of digital devices in schools.”

Citing its 30-page research document released in August, Parents Across America (PAA) is another national advocacy group endorsing HB866/SB1089. PAA notes that it “has prepared extensive materials about the harmful effects on children’s academic, intellectual, emotional, physical and social development when digital devices are misused and overused… We applaud the Maryland lawmakers who have responded quickly and appropriately to this critical situation.”

Maryland parents have rallied to support the classroom screen safety bill as well. Leslie Weber, Co-Founder of Advocates for Baltimore County Schools (ABCSchools), the largest public education advocacy coalition in the county, says, “This bill is greatly needed, especially in Baltimore County, where one of the nation’s largest 1:1 digital initiatives is underway. Children as young as 5 are in front of screens most days — objective guidelines from the DHMH are needed to ensure the safety of these students.”

Janis Sartucci, a member of the Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County, said, “This bill is long overdue. Our children need to be protected from a variety of health risks that could affect them for a lifetime. We must get DHMH involved to be sure kids aren’t hurt.”

Queen Anne’s County parent, Cindy Eckard, has testified and written extensively about the need for medical oversight of classroom digital devices. Her Op Eds have appeared in both the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun. During a recent radio interview Ms. Eckard told WBAL Radio reporter Robert Lang, “Of course we want our kids to master technology; we just don’t want them harmed in the process.”

Ms. Eckard also noted that teachers have a legal duty of care to protect students from known hazards in the classroom. “This bill will help teachers too, giving them statewide, uniform safety guidelines, from medical professionals and specialists at DHMH.”

Links to medical research; recorded General Assembly testimony; a screen safety press conference held in Annapolis with actress/comedian Paula Poundstone, and detailed information regarding the legislation are available on the website www.screensandkids.us or email Ms. Eckard at screensandkids@gmail.com.marylandmap2


Morning on the North Country Trail


Hacking Site Camping Trip, February 2017-25, photo by Nathan Miller

Nathan took this photo in the Ottawa National Forest’s Trap Hills along the North Country Trail in winter.The Trail winds 4600 miles through 7 states in America’s northern heartland. It is our longest National Scenic Trail, stretching from New York to North Dakota. Michigan holds more of the North Country Trail than any other state:

Entering Michigan from Ohio the first completed segment of NCT is within the Lost Nation State Game Area near Pittsford.  The route then threads through a mix of forest and farm country and is a mix of road walks and completed segments. Off-road trail exists in Fort Custer National Cemetery (near Battle Creek), Yankee Springs State Recreation Area (near Hastings) Middleville and Barry State Game Areas.  In Lowell, hikers can walk down East Main Street and stop in at North Country Trail headquarters to purchase some official trail gear.  Heading north from Lowell, hikers will travel through two more areas with built trail before arriving at the southern boundary of the Manistee National Forest. These include the Lowell State Game Area/Fallasburg County park segment just outside of the city of Lowell and the Rogue River Game Area near Rockford.

Hikers get their first glimpse of the Northwoods in the Manistee National Forest.  Within Manistee National Forest, enjoy sandy soils that support a pine-hardwood forest and great hiking along the Manistee River Trail, which forms a great loop hike opportunity.  The NCT leaves the Manistee National Forest near the Hodenpyl Dam Pond which features a fabulous new (2009) trail along the Hodenpyl Dam Pond and Manistee River.  Continuing south of Traverse City to Kalkaska the NCT is routed through state forest land (the Pere Maruette SF) which offer a number of year round recreation opportunities.  The next jewel along the NCT is the Jordan River Pathway, which offers a scenic loop hike near Alba.  From here the trail heads towards Petoskey through the Mackinac State Forest.  North of Petoskey wonderful hiking opportunities exist in Wilderness State Park, where the trail follows the Lake Michigan shoreline. As one leaves Wilderness State Park and heads towards Mackinaw City the lights of Mackinac Bridge become visible.

…The U.P.’s prime scenery includes large lakes, old growth forests, rugged hills and the Lake Superior shoreline, all set amid some of the most remote, uninhabited country found on the North Country Trail.  From St. Ignace the trail heads through the eastern unit of the Hiawatha National Forest towards Tahquamenon Falls State Park (home to the second largest waterfall in the eastern United States).  Continuing west, the trail passes through Muskallonge Lake State Park and Lake Superior State Forest towards Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Within Pictured Rocks, enjoy the 43-mile Lakeshore Trail along the Lake Superior shore, one of the greatest hits of the entire North Country Trail.  West of Pictured Rocks the trail enters the western unit of the Hiawatha National Forest passing through public and private lands before reaching Marquette.  West of Marquette the trail passes through Presque Isle City Park, McCormick tract Wilderness, Craig Lake State Park, Copper Country State Forest, Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness and cuts through historic copper mining sites near Old Victoria.  Once entering the Ottawa National Forest segments run along the Black River canyon, towards the wild country of Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. The NCT leaves Michigan’s Upper Peninsula near the community of Ironwood.

Read on for more at the North Country Trail website, including maps!

View Nathan’s photo bigger and see more in his North Country Trail Camping Trip, February 2017 slideshow.

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Martin Scorsese to Receive John Ford Award From Ireland’s President

Martin Scorsese, whose upcoming mob movie “The Irishman” is the subject of a dispute regarding its international rights, will receive the John Ford Award from Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, at a special Irish Film and Television Academy event in Dublin on Saturday. The ceremony will follow immediately after the director delivers a masterclass… Read more »



A friend and I had plans to go check out a (open) Flea market before it’s relocated due to building development. We decided that the rain shouldn’t change our plan but of course when we made it there the merchants had all packed.

Yes I know not our brightest decision of the year… and I didn’t even document it with a picture, so here’s a little GIF of our pool under the rain again… because it’s sad a pool in the rain.

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The Case For Managing By Customer Episode

More companies are adopting a new key unit of management: the customer episode. By investing in the entire experience that’s wrapped around the product, companies can earn their customers’ loyalty and advocacy.

Big turnout for London sanctuary city discussion

The sanctuary city public meeting at the Goodwill Career Centre on Horton Street Thursday night drew a good crowd of Londoners and city councillors.

Storms Bring Hail Overnight; Snow Expected Tomorrow

CHICAGO (CBS) — After a week of spring-like warm temperatures, Chicago was going through some wild weather changes to start the weekend, with rain and hail overnight changing to snow by Saturday.

After the mercury reached the 60s or better six times in the past seven days, temperatures dropped into the upper 30s Thursday night as storms moved through the area.

For some people on the North Side and northern suburbs, that meant dodging hail overnight, with stones the size of mozzarella balls covering windshields in the Portage Park neighborhood.

“You could hear it coming down. It sounded like rain at first, but it was popping like popcorn. It started getting stronger, and faster, and more pops. I looked outside, and the hail was coming down. I figured come out and get it before it freezes to the ground,” Aurelio Perez said.

Lightning also lit up the skies overnight, and more thunderstorms were possible Friday afternoon and evening, followed by snow showers Saturday morning as temperatures drop below freezing.

Mild weather was expected to return on Sunday, with temperatures reaching the upper 40s by Sunday afternoon. Highs likely will be in the upper 40s to low 50s most of next week.