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Listen: Bernstein & Goff Blast Bulls’ Bench Antics

(CBS) By their own admission, the Bulls submitted one of their worst efforts of the season in a 117-107 loss to the 76ers at home on Friday night. Chicago allowed 70 points in the paint, and coach Fred Hoiberg lamented the lack of fire the team played with.

Early in the contest, before it got out of hand, several members of the Bulls bench were more focused on a sideline routine than the game at hand. Cameron Payne and Anthony Morrow were leading a dance routine of sorts, which also captured the attention of Michael Carter-Williams.

The Bulls bench’s act didn’t sit well with 670 The Score hosts Dan Bernstein and Jason Goff, who during Monday afternoon’s show criticized the players for their unprofessional demeanor.

“The end of that bench was an embarrassment,” Bernstein said.

“Acting a damn fool,” Goff said.

Take a listen below. You can listen to the full Bernstein & Goff shows here and can subscribe here.

Uber Briefly Suspends Self-Driving Car Program After Weekend Crash

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Uber says it is resuming its self-driving car program in Arizona and Pittsburgh after it was suspended following a crash over the weekend.

The company had also grounded self-driving cars in San Francisco over the weekend but they resumed operating earlier on Monday. The difference between the California program versus the ones in Arizona and Pennsylvania is that California does not allow passengers to ride in the vehicles.

The company said Monday that it paused the operations over the weekend to better understand what happened in Arizona, but feels confident in returning the cars to the road.

There were no serious injuries reported in the incident in Tempe, Arizona on Friday night. Police said the self-driving Uber SUV was obeying the law while the human driver of the other car was cited for a moving violation.

Uber says it is investigating the incident and that there were no passengers in the back seat of the self-driving car.

Multiple automakers and technology companies are testing fleets of self-driving vehicles. In nearly all cases, the cars have backup drivers who can take the wheel in an emergency.

Testing hasn’t been accident-free. Waymo – a division of Google – has been testing self-driving cars since 2009 and has driven them more than 2 million miles. Last year, Waymo reported 13 accidents involving its fleet in the state of California, which requires companies testing autonomous vehicles to report any accidents. Most of the accidents were minor and weren’t caused by Waymo’s vehicles. But in February 2016, a Waymo test car struck a public bus near the company’s headquarters in Mountain View. No one was injured.

Cruise Automation – a self-driving startup owned by General Motors Co. – and Nissan Motor Co. also reported fender benders involving self-driving cars in California within the last year.

Last year, a driver of a semi-autonomous Tesla – which is different from a self-driving car – was killed with the car’s Autopilot system engaged.

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(Photo) The Raiders Are Saying Goodbye To Oakland And Hello To Las Vegas

Like the movie Field Of Dreams always said, “If you build it they will come…” and it’s official, Las Vegas now has an NFL team! The Oakland Raiders are leaving the Bay Area and headed to the desert. This is a move that Las Vegas has wanted for quite some time and this is what they believe the new stadium will look like:

That ceiling looks pretty awesome and I know this is great news for Las Vegas residents! I’m sure some Oakland fans will still make the drive for the games and now our Houston Texans will be spending weekends in Sin City during road games against the Raiders. That could be good or bad. Let’s hope they aren’t hitting the casino before the games!

My main question: do you think they’ll add a casino, hotel and sportsbook to the stadium?

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‘True Detective’ Update: David Milch Set to Join Creator Nic Pizzolatto for Season 3

“True Detective” is coming back to life for a third season with a little help from HBO veteran David Milch. Milch has been recruited to help “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto chart the course for the third installment of the anthology series. Entertainment Weekly first reported the news of Milch’s involvement. Sources cautioned that Milch and... Read more »

Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Jumps Out Window To Escape Robbers

GLEN ELLYN (CBS) — Police said a Dunkin’ Donuts employee escaped a pair of robbers Monday morning by jumping out the drive-through window.

WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.

Glen Ellyn authorities said two robbers, one holding a weapon, entered the restaurant on Roosevelt Road around 1 a.m. when the worker was by himself.

Assistant Police Chief Bill Holmer said one robber got distracted by the other, giving the employee time to escape unharmed. The worker went to a nearby restaurant and called 911.

“They received a call from the employee who had been able to escape by diving out of the drive-up window while the robbery was in progress,” Holmer said.

Holmer said the two robbers worked for Dunkin’ Donuts in the past. They were arrested in the parking lot of a nearby hotel where they lived.

Mike Myers Loses Big on Lower Manhattan Condo

SELLER: Mike Myers LOCATION: New York City, NY PRICE: $14,000,000 SIZE: 4,241 square feet, 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Not counting carrying costs and real estate fees, Canadian-born former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and “Austin Powers” franchise star Mike Myers took a hair-raising, $675,000 blow to his bank account when he sold... Read more »

China Box Office Will Grow 15% to 20%, Wanda Cinemas President Says at CinemaCon

After years of seismic growth, the Chinese box office flagged in 2016, sparking fears in Hollywood that one of the movie industry’s major sources of ticket sales is slowing down. On Monday, John Zeng, president and board director at Wanda Cinemas, Asia’s largest exhibitor, told a crowd of theater owners and studio executives that box office... Read more »

DOT Apologizes For Billing Dead Teen $3K For Highway Guardrail

State officials in Tennessee have apologized to the family of a dead teenager after sending a bill in her name for $3,000 in damages her car caused to the guardrail that some — including her family — blame for the young woman’s death.

On Nov. 1, the 17-year-old was driving her father’s car home on Interstate 75 when she left the road and into the median, and then hit the guardrail on the driver’s side door, a Tennessee Highway Patrol crash report says.

The guardrail end didn’t deflect the car or buckle to absorb its impact, but instead went through it, killing the teen instantly, THP said.

Months later, her father says they received a $2,970 bill, addressed to his daughter, from the Tennessee Dept. of Transportation for the cost of labor and materials to install 25 feet of new guardrail at the scene of the crash.

The father tells the Knoxville News Sentinel he was “flabbergasted” that the department would bill his daughter “for the defective device that killed her.”

A spokesman for TDOT told the News Sentinel that the bill was the result of “a mistake somewhere in processing,” and that TDOT “greatly apologizes for it.” The family will not have to pay the bill and the department is ending a another letter to explain the error.

The News Sentinel reports that TDOT had removed the particular model of guardrail involved in this collision from its approved products list only a week before the incident. There was apparently some concern about its ability to perform against vehicles traveling more than 62 mph. That stretch of I-75 has a 70 mph speed limit.

“What bothers me is that they’re playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives,” the father told the paper. “They know these devices do not perform at high speeds and in situations like my daughter’s accident, but they leave them in place.”

Removing a model from the product list means that the agency won’t use it in future installations. As for the 1,000 X-LITE guardrail ends left out there, TDOT says it will be accepting bids for a contract to remove “most” of the terminals in question where the speed limit is above 45 mph.

In the meantime, the teen’s father says he will be pushing state officials to consider a more risk-based approach to guardrails by preemptively removing and replacing any that may be dangerous.

TV Review: BET’s ‘Rebel,’ From John Singleton

Rebecca “Rebel” Knight (Danielle Moné Truitt), in the grand tradition of hardboiled private investigators, is an ex-cop with a past — a pro who got jaded because of one bad case, one tough story, one loss that was too much to handle. She can take on a room of guys twice her size armed with... Read more »

Hulu Gives Straight-to-Series Order to Sarah Silverman, Funny or Die

Hulu has ordered 10 half-hour episodes of topical show “I Love You, America,” starring Sarah Silverman. The series, from Funny or Die, will have Silverman discuss the current political and emotional landscape of the country. The episodes will be doled out on a weekly basis. Though an avowed liberal, Silverman with this show is looking... Read more »