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We all know how much work it takes to create a perfect marriage, but it takes so much work to keep it healthy for couples ones they get older. Very important to keep sexual relationships between marriage couple consistent. In many cases imbalance in human sexual behavior can influence by any number of factors, including:

Life circumstances
Physical and emotional health
Having children at home
Hormonal imbalance
Recent losses and grief
Substance use and abuse
Workload and stress
Relationship status
A history of previous trauma or abuse
Diminished physical attraction and a corresponding lack of intimacy
Secrets and lack of relationship trust

Should You Be Worried?

Many couples do find infrequent sex to be an issue. In fact, numerous studies have shown that lack of sex corresponds directly with marital instability and thoughts of leaving a relationship.

Happily, less sex does not automatically equate to less love, happiness and fulfillment. For most couples, especially those who’ve been together for a number of years, companionship, reliability and a sense of mutual trust are far more meaningful than a lot of hot, sweaty sex. Sure, there are couples out there who’ve been married for 30 years who’re still hot for each other, and good for them. For the rest of us, our libidos tend to droop in tandem with our aging body parts. Diminishing hormone levels, the aging process and the distractions of life tend to lower our sex drives (and our ability to perform), and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it.

Tips to try

Of course, if you and your partner have gone several weeks or even months without sex and the lack of activity is troubling you, you may want to consider some changes. Usually a little bit of effort is enough to revive a flagging sex life, especially if the emotional connection between you and your partner remains strong. If you find that to be the case in your relationship, try one or more of the following tips:

Schedule it
Mix it up
Go away
Be romantic

It is also important to recognize that you and your partner can be physically intimate without actually having sex. Holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, cuddling, spooning, massage and just taking the time to listen to your loved one’s feelings can all serve to build emotional closeness.

Nothing happening…  

If you’ve tried the above tips and still nothing happening, you may want to seek the assistance of a medical doctor. It is wise to rule out any potential physical or medical problems before considering relationship-based or psychological issues. If the problem is physical: erectile dysfunction, medication may help.

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