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What I got my mum for Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is one of the few commercialised holidays that I can say I somewhat celebrate. I mean, not extravagantly or anything but I like to recognise it as a day and use it to treat my mum a bit as a small token of thanks for everything she’s done for me since birthing me all those years ago now. This is also the first year that I’ve embraced that holiday on my blog and taken part in a couple of Mother’s Day campaigns, which has been great. So as it’s Mother’s Day today, I wanted to do a little round up of everything I got my mum, the campaigns I’ve worked on this month and where you can find some of these goodies!

Earlier in March, I collaborated with Prestige Flowers and reviewed a bouquet from their Luxury Mother’s Day range. My mum adores flowers and we always have a couple of bunches dotted around the house so although I paid for these in work, instead of money, they were still technically for her and she really loved them.

The second Mother’s Day campaign I worked on this month was my favourite and probably one of my favourite ever collaborations. I was exceptionally lucky to work with Songfinch; who write and create a personalised, custom made song for someone you love. I loved my song so much, I honestly couldn’t have asked for any better. Upon writing this, I haven’t showed my mum the song yet, so I’ll check back and let you know what she thought!

For cards this year, I bought mine from the lovely Jemma from Dorkface as I wanted to use this holiday to suppprt a small business in a small way! I loved this cute little card I bought and Jemma is a super talented designer and so professional in how she runs her shop so I would highly recommend checking her work out!

Is it even Mother’s Day without a new pair of slippers? I probably buy mu mum a new pair of slippers for every occasion; Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas. You name it. But slippers are super comfy and she got through quite a few pairs when we first got our dog and he decided he loved chewing them up. I bought her this cute little pink pair from Tesco for just £8, which should last until the next occasion!

My mum is a huge fan of C.L Taylor’s books, she’s read all of them and with her new one, The Escape, being out the same week as Mother’s Day, I thought that was great timing for an extra little Mother’s Day gift. I also sent Cally a message on Twitter to ask if she could send a signed book plate for me to stick in the front of the book and make it a little more personal for my mum but she went one step further and sent a signed plate, a signed postcard with a little note and some signed bookmarks as well so a huge thank you to Cally for those!

So that’s what my mum received or Mother’s Day 2017! As I said, I always love to celebrate Mother’s Day but it’s not always about the most expensive, elaborate or fancy gifts and treats. Sometimes, the littlest things can make all the difference. My heart always goes out on Mother’s Day to those who can’t spend the day with theirs or have no-one to buy anything for, for whatever reason. But although I feel for those people, it won’t stop me from celebrating Mother’s Day with my own mum and making the most of these days while I am still lucky and able to.

Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? What did you buy your mum / Mother figure? Or if you’re a Mother / Mother figure yourself, did you receive anything nice? Let me know!

Have a ‘Fab Little Period’ with ‘FabLittleBag’ *

I’m not sure if I believe in fate or “signs” from the universe but there’s no doubt that things happen sometimes that make you ponder. Receiving an email from Fab Little Bag for me, was one of those things. There I was, PMS’ing like cray cray; my boobs felt like bags of sand, my skin resembled that of a 13 year old boy and I had heartburn galore when up pops an email from this company. On the cusp of my period, I received an email from a period-related-company who want to send me a period-related-product? If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what is.

Fab Little Bag are keen to abolish unsanitary, unsafe and environmentally unfriendly sanitary disposal. With many women still flushing tampons and binning their tampons and pads, Fab Little Bag have come up with a – quite revolutionary – product to banish the risk of blocked sewers and polluted beaches from flushing and unsanitary ways of handling used tampons and pads – especially when out and about. These small, opaque, oxobiogradable (oxo plastics are designed so that they will not degrade deep in landfill and will not generate methane – a powerful greenhouse gas) bags are designed so that 1) you can open them with one freaking hand when your other hand is occupied with tampon related things and 2) they are discreet and seal shut after use.

Not you know a little bit of what they’re about, I want to get straight into the actual review and tell you what I thought about them. First of all, I think they are a fantastic idea. Is there anything worse than when you put a pad in toilet roll and it unrolls when it’s in the bin? I’m not a prude when it comes to periods; I think we should all be talking about them more (which is another reason I love this brand because they’re all for banishing the period taboos) but I do like to try and be as sanitary and tidy as possible and these make that a hella lot easier.

I use pads (please don’t bombard me with comments about how bad pads are for you – they’re what I find more comfortable) so the whole “unrolling in the bin” thing can be a real issue for me. Also… on a scale of one to a million, how annoying is it when you go into a public toilet and find there are no sanitary bins?! I know there should be but alas, some places are just clueless. So these would be a huge help when out and about for those just in case moments.

What I love most about these is that you can open them with one hand – they have these handy little loops that you can put your fingers through, so your other hand is free to do your business with your pad or tampon and they have a super sticky strip on the inside that you can seal afterwards, with no risk of anything falling out. So in the event of not having a sanitary disposable bin in sight, you can quite easily, safely and hygienically, pop your used tampons or pads into these bags, pop them in your own bag and then put them in the “normal” bin.

If you’re a busy woman on the go who regularly uses public places and public toilets, these would be amazing for you. They’re super small and can roll right up into the bottom of your bag, are discreet, light and environmentally friendly. Are super handy to keep on you, for those “just-in-case” moments that we’re never, ever prepared for!

This product was sent to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. As always, all content, thought and opinions are entirely my own and my opinion hasn't been swayed in any way.

Treating Mum This Mothers Day With Prestige Flowers * 

Receiving flowers is a rarity for me, in fact, it’s a completely non-existent phenomenon! So I was delighted when Prestige Flowers got in touch about a review of one of their lovely Mothers Day bouquets – until I realised it was for Mothers Day and I am not a Mother and they would most certainly be given to my own Mother as a gift. So alas, I’ve still never had flowers sent to me! (Hint, hint, wink, wink!


But my mum loved them and that’s all that matters and is much more important to me, anyway. My experience with Prestige Flowers has been nothing but positive. I received my flowers on the day that was expected; from a rather lovely delivery man which was definitely a bonus *wink wink* and they arrived in a giant box (as to not get squished), with a wet cloth around the bottom to keep then from drying up during delivery. They also threw in a couple of gift vouchers for money off flowers and wine which was a lovely little bonus!

Onto the actual flowers themselves, I received the *** bouquet, worth *** from their Mothers Day range. You’ll notice on their website that they cover a wide price range from bouquets ranging from £20 to £100 so it really does cover every bracket. Mothers Day for me is all about pink, girlie and pretty because that’s what I like and that’s what my mum likes, too and that’s exactly what arrived. Gorgeous long-stemmed pink and red roses with ****



I was really impressed with the service from Prestige Flowers and really happy with the flowers I received in exchange for a fair and honest review. Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? These were perfect for Mothers Day; a holiday that I love to celebrate because I love to treat my mum and get her a few nice things as a thank you for everything she’s ever done for me and these contributed towards that massively because she loved them so in my eyes, that makes tis bouquet and Prestige Flowers a big success.

BYE BYE WINTERS….!!☃️☃️❄️❄️

Hello! I am back again with my post on Bye Bye winters✋🏻☃️ So its about spring now😍 before proceeding for spring time blog i thought to share one last for winters😍☃️
I am wearing this shrug from Threads and Pals😍😍 But thats not compulsion that you only have to wear this shrug in winter season but in other season as well.
Dressing is an art & what makes us distinct in this art is our Street concept. Street concept is giving the outfits that looks better in day to day life with value for money & we clearly tell you about how much our margins are. “What’s Good Is Not Affordable And What’s Affordable Is Not Good. This Is The Most Common Issue We Are Solving.” Threads and pals is perfect for all men and women out there. They have huge variety for all.

I paired this shrug with my woollen skirt and high black leather boots. I wore plane black choker with it to give it a classy look and black tee inside. Hope you like it. Much love Nupur sharma  Lovebling❤❤
Visit Insta handle – threadsandpals


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Automatic check-ins and the old, personal web

ABOUT A YEAR ago, around the time I launched my new design studio, I moved nearly all business-related communications to Basecamp 3, the latest evolution of the web-based project and communications management tool from my Chicago designer friends who used to be called 37signals. One of Basecamp 3’s nicest features is the ability to set up automatic check-ins, such as asking all team members “What did you work on today?” at 5:00 pm daily. On the surface, it’s intended as a way of letting everyone know what their teammates are working on, thereby deleting needless meetings from everyone’s schedules. But the feature can go much deeper, as I’ve discovered to my great pleasure. A day at a time, it can build community and help you design your career and your life. It even brings back some of the joy we once derived from the days of the personal web.

What did you work on today?

Over the years, I’ve started or cofounded several web-related businesses. Rather than limit my new studio.zeldman Basecamp exclusively to the designers, developers, and UX specialists who make up my studio, I decided to include everyone from all the businesses I touch. Naturally, I’m mindful of people’s bandwidth, so anyone who doesn’t wish to participate can opt out or selectively block threads or projects that don’t interest them. I also refrained from inviting two staffers from one of my businesses who, for whatever reason, have just never hit it off with Basecamp. (Evangelizing any tool, however much one personally loves it, is like trying to convince a carnivore to go vegan. It accomplishes nothing, and leaves everyone feeling hurt.) Save those two folks, with whom I collaborate through other methods, everyone else I work with on a daily or weekly basis, across all my little businesses, has access to a shared Basecamp. And every day at 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Basecamp asks all of us, “What did you work on today?”

The evolution of open sharing

At first, those who chose to participate took the question literally, sharing the work-related tasks we’d accomplished that day. But, over time, we began something sharing else. We began sharing our lives. As if in a Unitarian church group, or an AA meeting, we share daily joys and sorrows, hopes and aspirations. One of us has a child leaving the nest; another’s child may have had a tough day at school. One of us is writing a book, another has begun physical therapy. Some of us comment on each other’s shares; others use Basecamp’s “applause” feature to indicate that we read and appreciated what was shared. Some folks write essays; others share via bulleted lists.

Hearkening back to the old, personal web

Sharing and reading other people’s posts has become a highlight of my day. Of course it helps me get my work done, but more importantly, it also lets me focus on my life and professional goals—and those of my friends. I love getting to know people this way, and I deeply appreciate how respectful and safe our sharing space feels—partly because Basecamp designed the space well, and partly because I work with people who are not only talented and bright, but also kind and empathetic. If we all sat together in the same office space, I doubt we would let down our guard as much as we do when responding to Basecamp’s automatic check-in. Indeed, far less personal sharing goes on with the non-remote colleagues in my NYC studio space—probably because we are all there to work. It reminds me of what life was once like on the old web, where people shared honestly on their personal sites without fear of being harassed. I’m not the only old-timer who misses that old web; in recent years, several of my internet friends who once blogged blithely have switched to opt-in newsletters, sharing only with subscribers. Although I mourn the personal, open-hearted web we once shared, I understand this impulse all too well. Sharing with my colleague/friends on Basecamp restores some of the joy I used to take from sharing and listening on the old open web. You might try it. The post Automatic check-ins and the old, personal web appeared first on Zeldman on Web & Interaction Design.

Target Unveils Policy Aimed At Removing Potentially Harmful Chemicals From Products

The ingredient lists dotting the aisles of Target could soon get a makeover, one aimed not only at making the lists easier to read, but reducing the amount and types of chemicals used.  Target on Wednesday unveiled new guidelines for manufacturers that will require them to remove certain chemicals from products and list all ingredients on products over the next five years. With the policy change, Target aims to provide customers with more transparency when rummaging through the aisles for all types of products, including children’s clothing, table furnishings, and cleaning products. Under the plan, by 2020, Target will ensure that beauty, baby care, personal care, and household cleaning products do not contain chemicals including phthalates, propyl-parabens, butyl-parabens, formaldehyde, or NPE’s. The ingredient lists for affected products must also contain more detailed information than what’s currently allowed. For example, a vague term like “fragrance” would likely need more explanation. Further down the road, Target will require manufacturers to remove perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) from children’s clothing and table wear by 2022. During that same timeframe, the company will work to ensure the makers of products like sleeping bags, rugs, and clothing do not contain flame retardant chemicals that can possibly be harmful to customers’ health. In a bid to help manufacturers abide by its new policies, Target says it will invest up to $5 million in green chemistry innovation to find replacements for the chemicals it will no longer allow. Target isn’t the first big box retailer to work with manufacturers to remove chemicals from products. In July 2016, Walmart began encouraging suppliers to remove eight controversial chemicals from items. The affected chemicals were mostly found in beauty and personal-care products, and Walmart now brags that it has eliminated 95% of the total of these substances by weight used in various products sold at Walmart.


Hello guys😍😍 First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to all😍 Hope you all have wonderful year ahead💋 This is my first blog of 2017.  Its all about adding glitter and sparkle🎀well if i have to talk about accessories the first word that hit my mind is BLINGLANE.
Blinglane is love. They know how to make a women happy with their wide range of accessories❤ I received very beautiful silver bud of lotus necklace which looks absolutely stunning❤

The silver austrian crystals embeded on the necklace are for A+ quality
I paired up this neckpiece with my black bodycon dress, tied a bun and wore beige coloured overcoat and somewhat it look like this🙈 It was looking so elegant only because of this neckpiece❤

You can check their collection on their website There is a sparke of luxurious elegance in the neckpiece which i loved the most❤ Adjustable to all the sized,high quality,artistic,well polished and nickel free.
And the way they deliver product is perfect. Packed in premium soft pouch and BL box with soft white filler inside🎊
Life’s is too short to be dull, let us keep shinning, lovely, learning and adapting to the evolving world together because your beauty is our bliss.💫

Complete look:
Happy new year once again❤ Hope you like it💋 Instahandle- @blinglane                            @luvbling_17 Much love❤ Luvbling❤ Nupur sharma


Hello lovelies😃 How are you all?❤ Hope you all are good😘 Now, I have collaborated with Fuschia by Vkare☺️ Name( fuschia) sounds interesting💕  Isn’t?😀 Vkare bio sciences reflects in their moto mean we care🎀  The organization is dedicated to the commitment of quality products and excellent customer service. At the heart of their success is their belief to develop strong and long lasting relationships with their customers. I received three products from their end and they are just amazing😀
These products are made in India only. We can totally rely upon them as they will not lead any kind of side effect on our face.
Blush face mask

Ingredients – Rose Water, Kaolin Light, China Clay, Calamine Powder, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Powder, Vitamin E Properties : Cleansing, Toning Purposes
Each of the variants is enriched with different natural active ingredients which impart them their unique properties.
Use these masks once or twice a week Apply a layer of this mask even over your skin and relax for 15-20minutes.

Once dry, rinse with plain water.
Intense moisturizer
Ingredients – Rose Water, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Geranium Oil, FUCOGE™, Biopol U-21, Vitamin-E Imbibed with the cleansing property of Rose water, revitalizing Geranium oil and all the goodness of Vitamin E, this Olive Oil and Aloe Vera based product intensely moisturizes and keeps your skin healthy and supple.
Anti-aging night cream

Infused with 100% vegetarian & natural ingredients which prevents sagging & firms your skin. Arabian Jasmine ( jasminum sambac) oil clarifies, hydrates & heals skin. Vitamin E prevents premature ageing & prevents fine wrinkles.Free of parabens, phthalates, petroleumase, artificial tints & synthetic perfumes. Fuschia – Arabian Jasmine Anti-ageing Night Cream helps to restore the essential oils that is robbed off due to the hassles of daily life. The revitalizing and anti-aging action helps you to keep those years in check. According to skin care experts it is during the night that our skin repairs itself. The toxins accumulated during the day are also flushed out. The skin begins the healing process and also produces the natural oils helping to keep it moisturized. The fact that we are not constantly exposed to the elements that harms our skin, like pollution and the rays of the sun, during the night, further helps the effectiveness of the cream. Tips on night cream usage • It is best to apply the night cream at least an hour before you go to sleep. • The cream should be left on for a minimum of eight hours. • Night creams should be washed off in the morning. • Never use a night cream during the day. Although i haven’t used this cream! My mom is using this cream and it is very useful😀 You can reach fuschia at Hope you guys like this💕🎀💋 Much love Luvbling❤

Australian Skincare in Pearlesque Box

Australian skincare skin care body beauty sustainable sustainability all natural metta

Australian Skincare in Pearlesque Box

I got a sneak peak into the December Pearlesque Box… And it is amazing! Pearlesque Box is a monthly subscription box that has several full-sized products that’re natural, organic, and nontoxic. Only about 10% of the 10,000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products have safety data, so choosing natural, organic products is essential when looking out for our health! The monthly subscription is $39.95, but the items inside retail for $90, so it’s quite a steal. This month was filled with organic Metta Australian skincare products. Australian skincare skin care body beauty sustainable sustainability all natural metta The founder of Metta skincare, Anca Grigoras, followed her passion to start a skincare line inspired by the organic garden she grew up nearby. She learned from an early age the value and sacredness of living in harmony with nature and harnessing the power of ancient, natural remedies. Metta Australian skincare is a line that uses safe ingredients that have been intensively researched. With a background in Occupational Health and Safety, Anca’s passion to work towards adapting safe, chemical-free products is shown brightly through her beauty products. Australian skincare skin care body beauty sustainable sustainability all natural metta

Intensive Replenishing Face Balm

The first product I tested was the Intensive Replenishing Face Balm. This 2 fl oz product is deeply hydrating with shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and macadamia seed oil! Australian skincare skin care body beauty sustainable sustainability all natural metta I scooped a pearl-sized portion from the jar and warmed it with my hands before gently massaging it into my skin. It turns into a serum which quickly seeps into the skin and restored my skin to have a natural glow. Australian skincare skin care body beauty sustainable sustainability all natural metta

Comforting Hand Cream

Next, I tried the Comforting Hand Cream. This product is perfect for me! Back in highschool I got a harsh, red skin irritation on my hands which permanently discolored patches of skin on my right hand. The skin there is very fresh now, and it got sunburned badly after a couple summers of tennis camp. The result has made my hands worn down and in need  of major TLC. Australian skincare skin care body beauty sustainable sustainability all natural metta I used this hand balm, which is a vegan blend of certified organic, and fair trade shea butter and olive oil. It leaves my hands feeling super moisturized and is in a creamy, buttery consistency. With any left over product on my palms, I’ll rub it into my knees or elbows. Australian skincare skin care body beauty sustainable sustainability all natural metta

Body Butter

The next product I tested was the Body Butter. I love how creamy and whipped this product looks!  It’s made from lots of yummy ingredients, including shea butter, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and cocoa seed butter. It’s perfect to use during seasons of cold winds or in elements that would cause environmentally-stressed skin. Australian skincare skin care body beauty sustainable sustainability all natural metta

Coconut Lip Balm

Finally I finished my evening of pampering with the Coconut Lip Balm. Metta Australian skincare line doesn’t drop the ball when it comes to its lip care either! This balm is made with avocado oil to create a lush hydrating mix to bring lips back to life from  chapped to plump and soothed. Australian skincare skin care body beauty sustainable sustainability all natural metta Pearlesque Box is such a great way to test out new organic, body-friendly products each month. The subscriptions come in prepay options for 3, 6, or 12-months, which are all discounted! Pearlesque Box also offers electronic gift cards, and even has an exclusive holiday gift box available! That box is full of the best products from Pearlesque Box over the past year. Either way, any choice you make as a consumer to ditch the chemicals and dig into natural oils and healing ingredients is a win for the planet and a nod towards optimal health!
I scooped a pearl-sized portion from the jar and warmed it with my hands before gently massaging it into my skin.     The post Australian Skincare in Pearlesque Box appeared first on Sustainable Daisy Blog.