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If There Is Good and Bad in All of Us; Yin and Yang, Then Shouldn’t Forgiveness Be the Key? – Greta Lamfel

Often as human beings, we are quick to point out the wrong in others. When somebody does something we don’t appreciate we feel as though they’re the most horrible person on earth. This type of thinking allows us to forget that we too make mistakes.

In the same way that we want others to make allowances for our weaknesses, we too should make allowances for theirs. For every person has a good and a bad side. We should accept both the good and the bad and lovingly help those around us to deal with their weaknesses.

So next time someone does something bad to you think more about what you may have done that may have hurt them and that should allow forgiveness to saturate your heart.

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FiveMinuteFriday _ Slow

GO I am fast. I move from thing to thing, place to place, job to job, adventure to adventure. When I’m reaching the end of one thing, I’m dreaming of the next thing. It’s how I roll. But it’s not necessarily good. Life should be savored. Each and every thing. And that requires slow.  The […]

Someone Nice

Morning Word
It’s nice to have someone you can celebrate small victories with when you have been losing for such a long time. It’s nice to have someone who can make you forget all the pain you have been through when their love comes at the right time. To be loved by the right person genuinely and unconditionally is truly one of the best feelings in the world. The older you get, the more you end up cherishing the small things in life. You end up cherishing having someone worth waking up to. You end up cherishing comfortable silences with deep talks and slow back rubs. You end up cherishing making beautiful memories together. You end up cherishing finally having someone who understands you on a level that no one else has before. You end up appreciating the fact that even when you both disagree on certain things, your love for each other will always bring you both back to each other. The older you get, the more you end up wanting the things out of life that money can’t buy…. like being in love with the right person.


So my dog likes my desk set up. She’s not that helpful at productivity boosting mind. Man time flies when you work from home. A few updates and thoughts. First of all, the silence on this blog has been deafening right? has had under relentless attacks on XMLRPC.php and WP-login. It has been chipping […]

LOVEview… Attitude

Eye Examination

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Contemplating Her Misery

Joy radiates from Ex’s misery Raising two kids? Hope it’s unbearable Terrible enough to make you ponder What could have been with yours truly – conjure The exaltation, elation daily Wonder some more – lament orgasms lost Pause in the middle of the day to think The captain of your ship led you to sink…

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Quote of the Day #418

“I know of no higher fortitude than stubbornness in the face of overwhelming odds.”

– Louis Nizer

Eye of the Tiger

Spiritual Markers

blaze-pngI’ve mentioned many times before how much I love to go hiking.  I can never get enough of being in the outdoors enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.  One of my favorite places to hike is along the southern portion of the Appalachian Trail.  This footpath begins in the mountains of northern Georgia and ends on the summit of Mt. Katahdin in Maine.  I hope to one day thru-hike the entire trail, but so far I’ve only traveled over some of the mileage in Georgia and Tennessee.

Even though the trail is well-worn and relatively easy to follow, the path is marked with blazes on the trees and rocks along the way.  Every 100-200 yards, a tree is painted with a six inch white rectangle signifying the direction hikers should travel.  As I’ve already mentioned, it’s hard to get lost while hiking the Appalachian Trail and the blazes help to make that possible.  It’s comforting to know you have something to keep you on track and headed in the right direction.

For those who have given their lives to Christ, we too have a guide that helps to ensure we stay on the right track.  The Holy Spirit is our spiritual guide, helping us along in our walk with God and giving us clear directions to be in alignment with Him.  He is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33), but He can be counted upon to lead us into all truth (John 16:13).  The blazes on the Appalachian Trail are trustworthy.  Follow them and you will ultimately reach your destination.  Likewise, following the Holy Spirit will help us grow closer to God and ultimately live in heaven with him when Christ returns.

Now, blazes or maps are a great tool to assist us when traveling, but we have to pay attention to them for them to work.  Living with the Holy Spirit works the same way.  He can urge us in the right direction but we still have free will.  We can still decide if we will listen or not.  On occasion, it may seem hard to discern if a message is from the Spirit or from our own subconscious desires.  In order to hear from the Spirit, we must be ready by not having preconceived ideas floating around in our heads.  He will never contradict scripture, so if we follow the teachings in the Bible, we’ll recognize the Spirit’s call.  He doesn’t speak in some audible voice or a spectacular spiritual experience.  He speaks to our heart through the urgings of the Spirit within us.

As the name of this blog implies, Faith and Footsteps is about walking with God in faith, trusting that our guide has our best interests at heart.  It’s about the journey of this life.  Just like hiking a long distance trail, we are on this journey for the long haul and we may face distractions and despair along the way at times.  That’s why following our Father, the example of Jesus, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit is of utmost importance.  It’s the only way we’ll ever find our way home.


Sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on

I don’t know about you but there is nothing I love more than being comfortable. 

I’m about that sweat pants life and maybe a little too much. 

If I’m in my house all I wear is comfy clothes, and usually if I go out I’ll wear jeans and a t shirt. I was never into high end fashion outfits because 1. I can’t afford it and 2. I’m a clutz and spill coffee or some kind of drink on myself at least once a day. 

Lately I’ve taken my sweat pants lifestyle outside of the house. The other day I went to the movies and I was so comfortable in my sweat pants and sweat shirt that I was like fuck it and didn’t change. 

I don’t know if this makes me a lazy person or I’ve just gotten to the point in my life where I don’t care either way I’m not mad about it.

I’m just going to try to make more of an effort on occasion to dress up (and by dress up I mean jeans and a cute top) more often. 

Are you a sweat pants type of person? Let me know in the comments.