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Hello dear reader(s)! I am super tired today.  I barely feel like leaving the house.  It took me a lot of work to even break out the computer to post.  I wasn’t up too massively late.  I didn’t party very hard last night.  I am just very sleepy.  Maybe because it has been kind of … Continue reading "Adventuring"



 if defeat weighs upon me-I look up and find love

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My Legacy….

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Self Challenging – A lifestyle choice

Born into a poor family – today in the UK we would have been described as “existing”. This whole concept reflects how times have changed. Post WW2 the UK state has taken on a more protective role, setting limits and creating norms for society. It became clear to me at an early age that if…

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Thankful _ March19 _ March25

I’ve been blogging for more than 17 years. I started blogging before it was even a word. Blogging was my comfort. I didn’t know Jesus back then. I didn’t have friends back then. I didn’t feel like I had anyone to talk to back then. Blogging became my outlet. It fulfilled my need to speak […]

Your Heart

Morning Word
Your heart was not made to be someone else’s revolving door. When people leave your life that hurt you, Take time to change the locks to your happiness for good. No one should possess the keys to your temple, If all they ever do is create misery and confusion. Keep peace in your heart and your home. Start realizing it’s a privilege to let someone emotionally stay with you. Everyone doesn’t deserve to have a room in your heart.



can you see me now


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I’m Not Old

Hello dear reader(s)! Last night, while talking to a new friend, I realized I was going to be an age this year I was always terrified of becoming.  It was both shocking (because I literally forgot how old I already was), and concerning because I remember being younger and thinking that all of the people … Continue reading “I’m Not Old”

Put on a happy face

  It is Spring. On Monday our old friend Vernon Equinox made it official. Good old Vernon. For further confirmation, if such be needed, look out of the window and observe the rain. It is wet. Very wet. Wetter than Mrs. Thatcher’s cabinet. And the garden is yellow. Forsythia. Primroses. Daffodils. Lesser Celandines. Throw in … Continue reading Put on a happy face