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We are all coming from a different homes, backgrounds, and education skills. Many of us tall, many are short. Some are white, some are black! Fat or skinny, rich or poor, some are young and some are old.  Ladies, gentleman or kids, we are Humans! We are here!

Well, we are not only here but everywhere else on Earth and since you are became a reader on this site I would like to tell you more about why we are here.

Recently one famous author told me one phrase: “If God exists, for sure Devil also”.  

Thinking over and over, I asked myself:  “Is it a  Devil, who makes us suffer or realistically, God; who is punishing us for our sins?!”

Maybe it is God’s way to make us understand and realize what we are doing something wrong. I am not here to judge anyone or push too hard to believe in miracles. I am here just to translate and express thoughts on Human abilities and make humans to believe in their abilities and powers.

Somebody from the balcony next to me said out load: “I can’t believe people don’t see that God exists! Look at this sky!”

As she said that, the shooting star flew across the dark sky.

How is it for a miracle?  What about this; if you make a wish while the shooting star is falling, that wish becomes true.  So, why is it so hard to make a wish while the star is flying? There is enough time to think of anything. Maybe be because of the beauty from vision, you forget yourself. The distraction of God’s powers makes you lose your thoughts.

It is way past midnight and very close to the sunrise, but my thoughts and ideas on how to help more Humans to see those miracles of life; birth of a child – where from a drop of a liquid called sperm, taking from a male and female, can become a human being. If that is not a miracle, than what is?

How about this: Humans create from letters – words, poems and stories?! How can Humans create from notes – music? How can people have a creativity to express our dreams and reality on the canvas ? How can a person become talented by eighty years old? How can a child be born as a genius? Is that just a part of Human’s brains or the ability of God to make us, who we are?

Maybe instead of letting a Devil ruin our lives, we should ask God for forgiveness? Do you think God is stronger than Devil? Or Devil still cheats and wins more games – just like in the song by Chris De Burgh: “Spanish Train”


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