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Every day a child or youth is injured by gun violence in Ontario, study warns

Every day, someone under 25 years old is shot in Ontario and 75 per cent of these gun violence incidents are accidental, Canadian doctors are warning in a troubling new study.

UNM Golf Course holds annual Safari Run

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)– An event held Sunday morning gave locals a chance to run with the pros.

The annual Safari Run at the UNM Golf Course featured a competitive 8k race which showed off the skills of some of the world’s top distance runners from Kenya.

The run helps raise money for building medical clinics in Kenya

The event also included a fun-run for the whole family, and a running clinic for kids.

One mom said it wasn’t just about having fun but also a good chance for the whole family to give back.

Each participant took home a hand-carved safari animal from Kenya.

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13. Beef Stir Fry (GF/DF)

Ingredients RequiredTurn the wok/frying pan onto a high heat with enough vegetable oil (like canola etc.) to prevent the meat from sticking. Place rice noodles into a bowl of boiling water and soak for ten minutes; cook the corn and peas in the steamer. Brown beef strips, turn heat down slightly and add ginger, chilli and soy. Mix together so the flavour gets all over the meat. Add cabbage, salt and pepper then cook for about five minutes (max. 10mins), while that’s cooking drain the noodles and pile onto plates with peas and corn. Turn off stir-fry and add to the plates, on top of the rice noodles. Enjoy.

Note: Since I made this up on the go, you may need to taste test when adding chilli and ginger to make sure it’s to your liking. If you don’t have a steamer for the corn and peas then you can either cook them in the microwave or put them into the wok to cook just before you add the cabbage.


Edmontonians battling Parkinson’s disease use boxing to fight back

Boxing has become the perfect outlet for a group of Edmontonians with Parkinson’s disease.

Colorado Patient Advocates: Pay Close Attention To Health Care Debate

By Shawn Chitnis

DENVER (CBS4) – Policy and patient advocates across Colorado say the failure of Republicans in Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is a sign that health care will stay the same for the year ahead, telling consumers of health insurance impacted by Obamacare not to worry for now but to pay close attention to where the debate for reform goes form there.

“I think what we saw unfold here is that health care is in fact very complicated. It requires a lot of compromise and a lot of give and take,” said Claire Levy, Executive Director of the Colorado Center on Law and Policy.

future of healthcare 6pkg transfer Colorado Patient Advocates: Pay Close Attention To Health Care Debate

Claire Levy, Executive Director of the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, in interviewed by CBS4’s Shawn Chitnis (credit: CBS)

Levy said she and the Center wanted to see the Affordable Care Act remain but do believe it should be reformed moving forward.

Just as she predicts health care will stay the same for the next year, staff at Children’s Hospital Colorado are also telling patients they should be able to keep the benefits they’ve received because of Obamacare for now.

“A big deep sigh of relief on behalf of all of our patient families who have been really very concerned and worried about the health care of their kids,” said Heidi Baskfield, Executive Director for Advocacy at the hospital.

future of healthcare 6pkg456 transfer Colorado Patient Advocates: Pay Close Attention To Health Care Debate

CBS4’s Shawn Chitnis interviews Heidi Baskfield, Executive Director for Advocacy at Children’s Hospital Colorado (credit: CBS)

Last Wednesday CBS4 talked to one of the families worried it would lose benefits from Medicaid that helps pay for their child’s expensive bills. Jenny Fischer’s daughter had a life-changing accident when she was only 11 months old and the family relies on the help from that federal program to take care of her.

“It’s frightening. I don’t know how we would do it on our own,” Fischer said.

childrens hospital colorado Colorado Patient Advocates: Pay Close Attention To Health Care Debate

Children’s Hospital Colorado (credit: CBS)

Baskfield says the Fischers are one of many families in Colorado able to access benefits through Medicaid. She says they not only will wait to see what leaders in D.C. decide on health care but also pay close attention to state lawmakers that can also decide how much help these families get from the program.

Shawn Chitnis reports on the CBS4 Morning News. Email him story ideas at and connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

Have a ‘Fab Little Period’ with ‘FabLittleBag’ *

I’m not sure if I believe in fate or “signs” from the universe but there’s no doubt that things happen sometimes that make you ponder. Receiving an email from Fab Little Bag for me, was one of those things. There I was, PMS’ing like cray cray; my boobs felt like bags of sand, my skin resembled that of a 13 year old boy and I had heartburn galore when up pops an email from this company. On the cusp of my period, I received an email from a period-related-company who want to send me a period-related-product? If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what is.

Fab Little Bag are keen to abolish unsanitary, unsafe and environmentally unfriendly sanitary disposal. With many women still flushing tampons and binning their tampons and pads, Fab Little Bag have come up with a – quite revolutionary – product to banish the risk of blocked sewers and polluted beaches from flushing and unsanitary ways of handling used tampons and pads – especially when out and about. These small, opaque, oxobiogradable (oxo plastics are designed so that they will not degrade deep in landfill and will not generate methane – a powerful greenhouse gas) bags are designed so that 1) you can open them with one freaking hand when your other hand is occupied with tampon related things and 2) they are discreet and seal shut after use.

Not you know a little bit of what they’re about, I want to get straight into the actual review and tell you what I thought about them. First of all, I think they are a fantastic idea. Is there anything worse than when you put a pad in toilet roll and it unrolls when it’s in the bin? I’m not a prude when it comes to periods; I think we should all be talking about them more (which is another reason I love this brand because they’re all for banishing the period taboos) but I do like to try and be as sanitary and tidy as possible and these make that a hella lot easier.

I use pads (please don’t bombard me with comments about how bad pads are for you – they’re what I find more comfortable) so the whole “unrolling in the bin” thing can be a real issue for me. Also… on a scale of one to a million, how annoying is it when you go into a public toilet and find there are no sanitary bins?! I know there should be but alas, some places are just clueless. So these would be a huge help when out and about for those just in case moments.

What I love most about these is that you can open them with one hand – they have these handy little loops that you can put your fingers through, so your other hand is free to do your business with your pad or tampon and they have a super sticky strip on the inside that you can seal afterwards, with no risk of anything falling out. So in the event of not having a sanitary disposable bin in sight, you can quite easily, safely and hygienically, pop your used tampons or pads into these bags, pop them in your own bag and then put them in the “normal” bin.

If you’re a busy woman on the go who regularly uses public places and public toilets, these would be amazing for you. They’re super small and can roll right up into the bottom of your bag, are discreet, light and environmentally friendly. Are super handy to keep on you, for those “just-in-case” moments that we’re never, ever prepared for!

This product was sent to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. As always, all content, thought and opinions are entirely my own and my opinion hasn't been swayed in any way.

Demonstrators Do Victory Lap Outside Trump Tower After Health Plan Stalls

(CBS) – Backers of the Affordable Care Act rallied Friday outside Chicago’s Trump Tower after White House efforts to repeal and replace the program failed in the Republican-controlled U.S. House.

Lacking the necessary votes, Republican leaders pulled the bill. It represented the first big legislative defeat for President Trump, who blamed Democrats for not getting on board to help pass the legislation.

“Republicans are in control of everything that goes on in the national government,” countered Chicago Congressman Danny Davis, a Democrat. “How you could suggest in any way, shape, form or fashion that Democrats are to blame for the misstep — I just don’t know.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan says the ACA – or Obamacare, which was approved under previous President Barack Obama, a Democrat – remains the law of the land, for now. Trump predicts Democrats will come running to the GOP when Obamacare eventually implodes under its own weight. Premiums continue to skyrocket for consumers, he notes.

Davis dismissed Trump’s warnings, saying the president’s track record on predicting the future has been poor.

GOP Lawmakers Say Votes Aren’t There On Health Bill As Vote Looms

WASHINGTON (AP) – House Republican leaders were short of the votes needed for their health care overhaul bill hours ahead of a vote demanded by President Donald Trump.

That’s the word Friday from GOP lawmakers and congressional aides as Speaker Paul Ryan met with the president at the White House to deliver the sobering news.

At his Friday press briefing, White House spokesman Sean Spicer no longer expressed confidence that the upcoming House vote the American Health Care Act would pass.

Spicer said President Trump was confident that the White House has done “every single thing possible” to corral the 216 votes needed to pass legislation to repeal the Obama-era health care law.

House lawmakers and aides said the bill is short of support before the vote Trump insists be held.

The White House says it expects that vote at 3:30 p.m., as scheduled.

Separately, Vice President Mike Pence was meeting near the Capitol with recalcitrant members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus in a last-ditch effort to secure support.

Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., told reporters, “As of right now, I’m not sure that we are across the finish line. We’ve still got three or four hours and there’s still discussions happening.”

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Hello dear reader(s)! I’m feeling kinda lousy today.  I have felt lousy most days since the end of my trip.  Yesterday, I went to the bank, and had to go inside.  The banker asked me what I did for a living when I asked about a direct deposit, and I told her I was disabled. … Continue reading "Invisible"

Trump Dealt Setback As GOP House Delays Health Bill Vote

WASHINGTON (AP) — GOP House leaders delayed their planned vote Thursday on a long-promised bill to repeal and replace “Obamacare,” in a stinging setback for House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump in their first major legislative test.

The decision came after Trump, who ran as a master dealmaker, failed to reach agreement with a bloc of rebellious conservatives. Moderate-leaning Republican lawmakers were also bailing on the legislation, leaving it short of votes.

The bill could still come to a vote in coming days, but canceling Thursday’s vote was a significant defeat. It came on the seven-year anniversary of President Barack Obama signing the Affordable Care Act, years that Republicans have devoted to promising repeal.

Those promises helped them keep control of the House and Senate and win the White House, but now, at the moment of truth, they are falling short.

“No deal,” House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said after he and his group of more than two dozen rebellious conservatives met with Trump to try to get more concessions to reduce requirements on insurance companies.

The Republican legislation would halt Obama’s tax penalties against people who don’t buy coverage and cut the federal-state Medicaid program for low earners, which the Obama statute had expanded. It would provide tax credits to help people pay medical bills, though generally skimpier than Obama’s statute provides. It also would allow insurers to charge older Americans more and repeal tax boosts the law imposed on high-income people and health industry companies.

The measure would also block federal payments to Planned Parenthood for a year, another stumbling block for GOP moderates.

In a danger sign for Republicans, a Quinnipiac University poll found that people disapprove of the GOP legislation by 56 percent to 17 percent, with 26 percent undecided. Trump’s handling of health care was viewed unfavorably by 6 in 10.

The survey was conducted March 16 to 21 with a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

GOP leaders had targeted Thursday for the climactic vote, in part because it marks the seventh anniversary of Obama’s signing the measure into law. With the House in recess awaiting the outcome of the White House meeting, C-SPAN aired video of that signing ceremony.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., couldn’t resist a dig.

“You may be a great negotiator,” she said of Trump. “Rookie’s error for bringing this up on a day when clearly you’re not ready.”

In a count by The Associated Press, at least 30 Republicans said they opposed the bill, enough to defeat the measure. But the number was in constant flux amid the eleventh-hour lobbying.

Including vacancies and expected absentees, the bill would be defeated if 23 Republicans join all Democrats in voting “no.”

Obama declared in a statement that “America is stronger” because of the current law and Democrats must make sure “any changes will make our health care system better, not worse for hardworking Americans.” Trump tweeted to supporters, “Go with our plan! Call your Rep & let them know.”

Tension has been building in advance of the critical vote, and a late-night meeting of moderate-leaning members in Speaker Ryan’s office Wednesday broke up without resolution.

A key moderate who had been in the meeting, Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, issued a statement saying he would be voting “no” on the health bill. “I believe this bill, in its current form, will lead to the loss of coverage and make insurance unaffordable for too many Americans,” said Dent, a leader of the Tuesday Group of moderate-leaning Republicans.

Congressional leaders have increasingly put the onus on the president to close the deal, seemingly seeking to ensure that he takes ownership of the legislation – and with it, ownership of defeat if that is the outcome.

Moderates were given pause by projections of 24 million Americans losing coverage in a decade and higher out-of-pocket costs for many low-income and older people, as predicted by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

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