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Contemplating Her Misery

Joy radiates from Ex’s misery Raising two kids? Hope it’s unbearable Terrible enough to make you ponder What could have been with yours truly – conjure The exaltation, elation daily Wonder some more – lament orgasms lost Pause in the middle of the day to think The captain of your ship led you to sink…

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Happiness Is Not Something Readymade. It Comes From Your Own Actions – Dalai Lama

Happiness is a relative concept. Each individual finds joy in different activities, experiences, and situations. Happiness can be found in all kinds of places. One thing is for certain – happiness must be something that the individual creates.

Many things that make us happy are a product of hard work. For example, if you want a career that you love, you have to go to interviews and be dedicated to the job. If you want to stay healthy and strong, you must exercise and do what you can to stay fit.

There are many obstacles that will try to get in the way of your happiness – fear, uncertainty, and everyday struggles are just a few of these obstacles. However, we can choose to find the strength within ourselves to overcome these difficulties, to rise above that which tries to weigh us down.

Our thoughts, and our actions, determine whether or not we’re happy. While there are many other factors, we can decide how we’re going to react to certain situations. Are we going to let others bring us down or are we going to stand up for ourselves and remind ourselves of our greatness? Are we going to give up on our goals or keep striving to accomplish them? It’s up to us!

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Having thick skin is good for the soul

I never really had the ability to let things get to me. I don’t know if it’s the New Jersey don’t give a fuck attitude I was raised with or because I simply don’t care enough. Whatever the reason I’m really glad I have thick skin and don’t get easily offended. 

I don’t let little things offend me and I sure as hell would never let anything that anyone said or did effect my day. 

As a society we are a bunch of sensitive Sally’s lately and it’s really getting out of hand. 

I’ve been called every name in the book by many different types of people. I still manage to get over it and go on with my day. 

If I let the little things get to me like what people think or say about me then the bigger things in life like trying to not go into credit card debt on a minimum wage salary and figuring out how I’m going to afford food would really force me to have a mental breakdown. 

Things happen that you can’t control like what people say and do. Keep it moving and live you life. Don’t waste time and energy on it. 

Let’s just grow some thick skin and get over it. 

Are you someone that’s easily offended? Let me know in the comments. 

Don’t Waste Time on Jealousy. Sometimes You’re Ahead, Sometimes You’re Behind – Mary Schmich

At times I find myself looking at the life of a celebrity on TV, or an acquaintance on social media, and thinking about how easy they must have it. Maybe they have the job I want, or maybe they are on my dream vacation. Maybe I simply wish I had their hairstyle. Although these thoughts are natural, I always end up realizing my jealousy makes no sense.

You may find yourself wanting things other people have, but it’s not right to assume anyone has an easier life or is happier than you. Everyone goes through rough times, both big and small. You can never truly know what someone is dealing with in their personal life based on a tabloid or an Instagram post.

Every person you meet is working to improve an aspect of their life, whether it relates to finances, love, physical and emotional health… you’ll never know. This is why it’s best to replace jealousy with compassion, and focus on overcoming obstacles and moving ahead in your own life.

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Put Your Mind in Time Out

“I can’t shut my mind off”.  “I lay awake thinking of all the things I need to do”.  “My busy mind stresses me out”.  I have heard some version of these statements from my Reiki clients all month.  In this day and age it really is no surprise, right?  Twenty-four hour everything and technology that fits in our pocket and goes with us everywhere are constant distractions.  Add our daily lifestyles of work, gym, family, friends and it can make the mind positively RACE.

The stress caused by a constantly working mind will eventually take its toll on your health and your quality of life.  Quieting the mind is a way to practice self-care and increase your well-being.  If you want to reach your goals and/or fulfill your dreams, it starts at home.  Meaning, you must take care of yourself.  When you are living a life of happiness and health, you can start to switch the focus from yourself to that of others.  Contributing to the well-being of others is so rewarding, and can have far reaching impacts in your community and the world.  Now let’s look at some tips to help tame that mind…


In short, we have collectively created the mass disorder and confusion we observe around us on a daily basis with our thoughts. We have all allowed negative thinking to prevail for many millennia, so the physical world is merely a product of our thoughts. By simply shifting your focus to what makes you happy, or what you’re thankful for, you can start to retrain your mind to think more positively. Consequently, you will start to feel more peaceful since you no longer put so much emphasis on the negativity you perceive within yourself and elsewhere.

Remember, energy flows where attention goes – you can achieve peace by creating awareness behind your thoughts.


Pay attention to your brain at this very moment…what kinds of thoughts do you observe? Most likely, you will notice that the majority of your thoughts center around what you have to do today, or what someone said that made you angry, or even degrading thoughts about yourself. Don’t feel bad, though; with so much negativity around us, maintaining a consistent positive mindset isn’t always easy. However, you can actually counter the negative, stress-inducing thoughts with simple, peaceful words.

Anytime you feel a bout of anxiety coming on, introduce calming words into your awareness, such as: Tranquil. Calm. Peaceful. Serenity. Light. Love. Relaxing. Breeze. Beach. The last two words in the sequence describe scenery, which you can do as well if it makes you feel peaceful. Words carry a lot of meaning and power, so use them to your advantage whenever you feel stressed out.


…When you meditate, you stop the flow of thoughts bombarding your consciousness every second, and instead move into a space where stillness takes precedence. While you don’t have to turn off your brain to meditate, many people feel that their thoughts slow down incredibly, and they can observe themselves much easier with controlled breaths and closed eyes. Meditation simply brings awareness into the body, and makes it much easier to cope with daily challenges.

If you want to cultivate more peace in your mind and life, start meditating, or sitting quietly focusing on nothing but your breath for at least ten minutes a day on a daily basis. You will find that adopting a more peaceful mindset becomes much more attainable.


Forget about the errands you have to run tomorrow after work, or the bills you have to pay next week, or the uncertainty of your future that you haven’t even gotten to yet. When you let thoughts like these ruminate, it can cause great dis-ease within the body, and even lead to anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and other serious problems. Most anxiety is caused by simply living in a time other than the one we have right now, so bring yourself back to the present whenever you feel your thoughts taking you elsewhere.

By allowing yourself to flow from one moment to the next, just as you did as a child, you will recapture what it means to feel true peace.


This could mean going on your lunch break in a nearby park, or going on a vacation to get away from the stress of daily life. Anything you can do to strengthen your bond with nature will greatly benefit your mind, and help you remember that we create most stress we feel in our mind and body. We originated in a place of pure harmony, and most of what we see around us is just a very persistent illusion. Remember that nature doesn’t struggle through life, and you don’t have to, either. Don’t get too caught up with the trivial matters of the material world, because you won’t find peace in numbers or possessions.

Truthfully, peace resides within your heart already, but Mother Earth can help you remember this by providing solace from the strains of modern society.



It’s getting really real around here

It’s 5 weeks until my wedding, we’ve made multiple offers on houses only for them to fall through, the nail place I normally go to decided it was a good idea to raise there prices dramatically and then try to sell me on getting tattoos on my eyebrows for only $400, my dogs keep getting sick. 

Life has been doing nothing but stressing me out lately and I’ve been drinking a lot of wine as well as venting to my best friend to try to remain the little sanity I do have. 

I need more time in my days as well as an IV of coffee for the day and wine for the night to help me get through this. 

The best part about this is even though it is complete chaos right now is that I will get through it. I just have to put my head down, make a list and try not to think of everything at once. This ain’t my first rodeo and it won’t be my last. I got this. 

Woo what a ride it’s been. Glad I got that off my chest. 

How’s your life going lately? Let me know in the comments. 

The Traveller

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The Laws of Balance

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When life gives you lemons… Most people will tell you “Make lemonade!”. But… What exactly does that mean? I’ve always asked myself this question. I never understood the symbolism & inspiration behind such a simple sentence. (I mean; why ‘lemons’, why not a better fruit?) A few days ago, the answer to all these questions…

I Have Decided to Stick With Love. Hate Is Too Great a Burden to Bear – Martin Luther King Jr

Every single one of us is bound to clash with a certain amount of people we meet during our life. Maybe you and another person have different values or style of communication. Maybe some events lead you to believe the other person is not very nice, to put it simply.

When this happens, you have a choice on how to approach this situation. Many people choose to get tense or agitated, badmouth the person, and be consumed by their dislike. However, ruminating on your angry feelings in this way is known to make people feel worse, and probably magnifies what could otherwise be a much smaller situation.

When possible, choose love and understanding over hate and loathing. Loving this person does not mean you have to spend your free time with them. It doesn’t even mean they have to be your friend. However, you can love them by understanding that they are different from you and knowing that’s okay. You probably won’t bring them home for the holidays, but while you have to be around them you can accept them as they are.

Taking this road is much more freeing than tensing up with hate and anger. Try forgiveness and understanding, and you may feel more peaceful than ever before.

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