Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to advertise with us online?

First you need to decide if you want to advertise a product or a brand.

Once you know the answer, you need to create an article with pictures and links to your page or shopping cart.

Make sure all your contact information is included in the article.

What's the contest of the page looks like?

Human Relationships is mainly focusing on support and inspiration for the readers.

We want all our contest (including advertisements) to be inspirational.

How much does it cost?

We are charging a small fee of $ 50 for one article. It is shared across all social platforms, including 170,000 subscribers.

No contracts or obligations.

How can I pay for my article?

Very simple. Once you submit your article and you will get approved for your contest to be posted, we will send you the invoice via Paypal by email.

Once your invoice is paid, we will send you the link to your article, where you can share it with your friends, colleagues, and social media.

Where should I send my article for review?

Email it at: and include "Article for review" in the subject line.


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