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Neighbors lend helping hand in little library project

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)– It was painting day at one southwest Albuquerque little library Sunday.

News 13 has told you about these little libraries before, they’re boxes placed in communities with books inside, open to anyone at any time for free.

Several months ago one entire box was stolen and that wasn’t the first time it had happened.

Sunday, neighbors were invited to help paint some new little libraries, complete with a seating area for reading.

There are plans to expand the little library project and add boxes for food and clothing.

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13. Beef Stir Fry (GF/DF)

Ingredients RequiredTurn the wok/frying pan onto a high heat with enough vegetable oil (like canola etc.) to prevent the meat from sticking. Place rice noodles into a bowl of boiling water and soak for ten minutes; cook the corn and peas in the steamer. Brown beef strips, turn heat down slightly and add ginger, chilli and soy. Mix together so the flavour gets all over the meat. Add cabbage, salt and pepper then cook for about five minutes (max. 10mins), while that’s cooking drain the noodles and pile onto plates with peas and corn. Turn off stir-fry and add to the plates, on top of the rice noodles. Enjoy.

Note: Since I made this up on the go, you may need to taste test when adding chilli and ginger to make sure it’s to your liking. If you don’t have a steamer for the corn and peas then you can either cook them in the microwave or put them into the wok to cook just before you add the cabbage.


Edmontonians battling Parkinson’s disease use boxing to fight back

Boxing has become the perfect outlet for a group of Edmontonians with Parkinson’s disease.

Book Review: The Wiccan Waltz by Pragya Vishnoi

Disclaimer: we have been given this book has been given to us to review and critique. We will post the purchase link at the bottom of the article, we hope you enjoy.


The Wiccan Waltz is a Novella based around a character named Anika who is very curious about Wicca. Here is the book’s description:

Anika is a young, impulsive girl who hopes to solve the mysteries of life by following Wicca. On this path, she encounters the joy of first love, the fear of uncertainty and the power of complete surrender. This is not as simple as it seems, hidden in the shadows are conspiracies, secrets and betrayals. Will Anika be able to survive in this mysterious world?

The story itself is told well, it shows Anika’s fascination with witchcraft as well as her want to learn it. The story is interesting and captivating from the first page.

However, the book itself is quite fast paced and in the introduction to Anika, she seems somewhat confused. There are small mistakes, here and there, but the book itself is a good read.


Would I recommend it to you? Yes, I definitely do recommend you to read it. It’s a good piece of fantasy writing that is captivating and the book itself holds some very interesting concepts and ideas. This is the first book in the Wicca Chronicles and I am looking forward to the next book.

How many stars would I give this book out of 5? I think a solid 3.5 is what I’d rate it.


The book is available on Amazon for ₹65 (£4). You can click HERE to be taken to the store page to buy your own copy and experience the adventures of Anika.

Happy Fridays: Finding People Like You

It’s a comfort to ourselves when we find someone who is a double of ourselves. Whether it’s by life experience, job, passion, mental illness, sexual or gender identity. It’s important to know that you’re not alone, no matter what it is that you’re doing.

And for me, this has gone pretty well over the past week!

I’ve been working on my college work and creating graphics for people as usual, but I found a group on Facebook called Writers Assemble. The group is full of writers, whether they’re unpublished, self-published, or discovered. And it’s amazing, the variety that there is in the group – there’s poets, bloggers, vloggers, authors, flash fiction writers, and so many more. I’ve made more friends in that group than I have in my entire years in College!

So, I have some recommendations – if you have something that you sometimes struggle with, like how I sometimes struggle to write, I struggle with my mental health, and how I struggle with my life experiences, find a group of people and apply yourself to them. Whether it’s in your local community, in school, or online.

Find people like yourself and you will feel a lot better!

Have a Happy Friday, everyone.



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Youtube’s LGBT+ Restrictions

Youtube is a place where you can let your visual creations go wild, whether you’re a vlogger, animator, special effects technician, or a gamer. However, some things have changed on Youtube recently that is restricting people from viewing certain content.

So, let me explain.

Youtube has brought in a restricted mode to allow more users to use the site. For example, high schools that had once blocked the website,  can now keep the website open to their students for educational purposes without certain content popping up. However, Youtube’s algorithm isn’t doing too great. Why? Well, it’s restricting very normal, non-sexual, non-adult content, which makes no sense whatsoever.

What this means is that content containing LGBT+ speakers is being blocked from viewers as mature content, when it’s really not. One piece that got blocked was by a vlogger talking about his coming out story, which was blocked by the restriction for no reason.

Now, what does this mean to the creators? Well, restricted videos will not be shown and cannot be accessed in restricted mode. Videos that are restricted means they don’t get monetized and end up losing out on money for the educational content.

youtube-1719926_1920.jpgHowever, this is not the end of the world. Youtube has apologised and they’re trying to fix the problem. But, for everyone else, outside of restricted areas, we can still watch the unrestricted website and see our favourite content and vloggers and continue to fund their work!

So, it’s not all doom and gloom, it’s getting a little better!

We’ll see how it progresses.

Altamont student raises $12,000 to buy laptops for EPIC Elementary

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A Birmingham high school student has raised thousands of dollars to buy Chromebooks for students at EPIC School.

Amrita Lakhanpal volunteers at EPIC once a week after school. She teaches computer skills and coding. While teaching she noticed that some of the school’s technology was outdated and needed repairs.

“I was shocked by the limited knowledge that they had about computers despite the fact that they’re growing up in the 21 century so not having these computers, I feel like it doesn’t prepare them well to face the challenges of a 21 century learner,” said Lakhanpal.

Lakhanpal wrote letters to local businesses hoping to encourage them to donate money for laptops and it worked. She raised $12,000 to purchase 60 new Chromebooks in about a month’s time.

The school has two classroom sets of iPads and computer labs, but the new Chromebooks will broaden the school’s technology base.

EPIC’s principal was beyond excited to find out about the new laptops.

“It has been an inspiration not just for our children but for us as adults to be able to see a need and to just give back,” said Dr. Eleanor Stokes.

Right now, Amrita is trying to raise $4,000 on top of the $12,000 she’s already raised. She hopes to purchase an additional 30 Chromebooks for the school.

She says, it’s easy to do and anyone can make an impact in the community.

“It was just a simple 15-20 minutes a day that helped me accomplish this,” said Lakhanpal.

“As far as I’m concerned, this has been showing our students that you’re never too young to give back and that it takes all of us to help make our community stronger,” said Dr. Stokes.

Amrita plans on starting up a coding club at EPIC soon.

To help Amrita raise the additional $4,000, donations may be dropped off at EPIC for the Screens for Schools program.

Our Spring Writing Contest

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I’m Leading a Writing Retreat in July!

shelves of used notebooks tied in bundles

Hi everyone.

I’ve decided to offer a writing retreat this summer.

Thursday July 6th (late afternoon) through midday Sunday, July 9th

at Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Joshua Tree, California
(about 45 minutes from the Palm Springs airport)

What we’ll do
Our focus will be on spontaneous writing a la Natalie Goldberg (or Peter Elbow) with several different writing prompts for short timed writings. We’ll write together and read our work out loud, letting the alchemy happen. We’ll do some sitting practice, too. Afternoons will be in silence. And I’ll bring in a few tidbits about the craft of writing, as well. People will be encouraged to take care of themselves and bow out of any activity they may not feel comfortable with. But we’ll create a supportive and expansive space for each of us to try our wings as desired.

Costs for early registration
I will post registration details ASAP, but I’m eager and excited (and a little afraid!) and wanted to tell you all right away. Tentative cost for early registration is $400 for the retreat program, three nights shared lodging and three vegan meals per day (possibly with some eggs and dairy available on the side—not sure yet).

More details and to register
I’ll post a copy of the flyer as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, if you’d like more details or would like to register at this early registration price, please call me at home weekdays (Pacific Daylight Time): 760-327-9759.

Thank you for reading this! And if you know anyone else who may be interested I would so love for you to pass this on (and perhaps the flyer when it’s ready, too). Oh, and if you happen to know of any writing sites or retreat sites or someplace you think I might advertise this (for free or at low cost), that would be really helpful, too. Thanks again.

Holding the dream of magic here!