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‘Innovation Women’ Is Changing The Way We Conference

I used to avoid the events targeting female entrepreneurs, the women power roundtables, the Girl Geek events. I wanted my events diverse and all too often the events targeting women were smaller, too one dimensional, and dare I say it…whiney. Was there a real need in this day and age? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’ve made up my mind.

At SXSW I attended a panel on funding women-lead companies. The panel was held in one of the biggest rooms at the Austin convention center because the panelists were first class and the topic hot…there were 15 people in a room meant for 800.

I went to a panel on women founders in Maine. At the Masonic Temple, where the sign on the ladies room door was temporary and a blue velvet curtain covered up the row of urinals. Still trying to decide whether the location was genius or desperation.

I watched yet another panel of all white males of a certain age, with another male as moderator, talk about building great products. I went back through the organizer’s list of events and finally found a woman panelist…in March, on a panel about HR.

I attended the Babson event where the team from the Diana Project announced the updates to their landmark study of venture capital and female entrepreneurs. If you recall, between 1996 and 1999, venture capital went to more than 6000 startups. The Diana Project determined that 95 percent of those companies funded did NOT have a single woman on their senior management team, never mind the stats on companies started by or lead by women.

The updated study covered 2011 to 2014 and the final results will be issued later this month. The good news is that the outlook has improved…now only 85 percent of the VC funded companies have no women on the senior team. And the panel assembled to talk about the study – a panel of male VCs because none of the VC firms had a woman partner. (PS – I give these guys huge props for showing up for a pretty hostile audience.)

They claim they just don’t have the deal flow to fund more women entrepreneurs. They don’t see the companies with women at the helm or even on the team. The organizers of those panels? “I don’t know any female VPs of Engineering.” Well, look around you. I see plenty of smart, fundable women who can hold their own on a panel, give a talk at a conference or build companies.

Over the last five years, we’ve gotten to know a few people in town. We’ve helped to launch almost 700 new products. We know that visibility makes opportunity. So, because this is the right time and place to do so – say “hello” to Innovation Women. will be an online speakers bureau and showcase for entrepreneurial and technical women. We’re looking for corporate sponsors and to be connected to other organizations with compatible missions. And, most of all, we’ll need you to help us expand our network and find the right women to showcase.

We have less than a week, during the busy holiday season, to fund this thing.


bobbieI am the founder of Carlton PR & Marketing and Mass Innovation Nights (MIN), and am an award-winning marketing, PR and social media professional.  The MIN community and I have helped to launch more than 650 new products.  Every month, we provide 10 entrepreneurs with a free 30-day marketing program, featuring the products in social media campaigns, in a weekly newsletter, on the organization’s showcase website and at a live event.

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Trump Prepares For Inauguration Day, As U.S. Cities Prepare For Protests

WASHINGTON D.C (KPIX 5) — While President-elect Donald Trump was basking in his big moment in the nation’s capitol on the eve of his inauguration, men and women around the country were preparing for a long weekend of protests. Less than 24 hours until the inauguration of Donald Trump — and what many feel will be a new reality for California — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is getting ready to go to the inauguration. Rep. Pelosi told KPIX 5 earlier this week, “I have to admit that I never thought we would be ever having Donald Trump be President of the United States. But he is, and I will be there in my capacity as House democratic leader.” But she says there’s one thing she won’t do. She said she will not be going to the ball. “No, I’m there for the official ceremony, I’m not there to celebrate,” Pelosi said. She said she’s going to try and get back to San Francisco for the Women’s March being held there, one of a number events planned in the Bay Area. In D.C., there’s tons of Trump inauguration memorabilia. People are setting up stands by the minute, practically, selling T-shirts, mugs, everything plastered with Trump’s name and face on it. The Trump inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial wrapped up Thursday night, capping off with a huge fireworks display. The President-elect spoke at a dinner for campaign donors Thursday night. He was then scheduled to spend the night at the Blair House, the the guest house where President-elects traditionally stay the night before taking office. And some notable names attended the dinner. Caitlyn Jenner was there, but declined to comment to reporters while walking in. Country singer Toby Keith headlined the Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. Trump and members of his family were there. He addressed the crowd, saying, “We’re going to make America great for all of our people — everybody.” The Women’s National Democratic Club has stepped in to help organize the Women’s March on Saturday and on Thursday, women from all over the country were making posters. A lot of them are also wearing the pink hats that women across the country have been knitting to wear on Saturday. Nuchhi Currier is the president of the club and said, “There has been an awakening…Sleeping giant watch out.” Currier says she’s hopeful about what happens next and that the march will be peaceful. We also ran into a whole table full of women from the Bay Area on Thursday who were at the club, making signs to hold up on Saturday.

NBC Gives Pilot Order to Military Hero Drama ‘For God and Country’

NBC has ordered a pilot for the drama “For God and Country,” Variety has learned. The drama is described as “a heart-pounding look” into the complex world of the bravest military heroes who make personal sacrifices, while executing challenging and dangerous missions behind enemy lines. The project hails from Keshet, which is partnering with Universal Television... Read more »

Sutter Middle School Teacher Retiring After Confederate Flag Controversy

FOLSOM (CBS13) — A teacher who is at the center of a controversy around the Confederate flag in the classroom has opted to retire and will not be returning to the classroom. The Folsom Cordova Unified School District announced Sutter Middle School history teacher Woody Hart would not be returning at a meeting on Thursday night after he was placed on administrative leave over a complaint a Confederate flag was hanging in his classroom.

Supporters at the meeting pointed out that the flag was hanging alongside a Union flag showing the two sides in the Civil War. This is the second time Hart is facing racially charged allegations stemming from a classroom lesson. In November, parents of a teen filed a complaint after they say Hart made remarks during a lesson about equality, saying if you were to hang one black person, you would have to hang all black people. The parents took exception to the remarks in part because their son was the only black student in the classroom.

Jim Gianopulos in Early Talks With Wanda for Legendary Post

Former Fox Film chief Jim Gianopulos is in preliminary talks with China’s Dalian Wanda Group to run and expand its Legendary Pictures, according to two sources close to the executive. The discussions with Wanda honcho Jack Gao, whom Gianopulos has known for years, are in the very early stages, the sources said. Many key issues have... Read more »

‘Black-ish’ Spinoff in the Works at ABC

The Johnson family may soon be taking up more airtime on ABC. The network is considering a spin-off of its hit comedy “Black-ish,” Variety has confirmed. The spin-off, which would star Yara Shahidi, would focus on her character, oldest daughter Zoey Johnson, in college. The spinoff, which is in very early stages, would be introduced as... Read more »

Car plows into pedestrians in Melbourne, prompting major police operation

It’s not clear how many were hit, or how serious their injuries might be.

East Bay Mother’s Body Remains Submerged In The Sacramento River

ISLETON (KPIX 5) — An East Bay mother was killed in a car crash and days later, officials still can’t get to her body. Now her family is outraged. The California Highway Patrol says the incident happened Sunday night when 48-year-old Nichelle Johnson was driving from Bay Point to Sacramento to visit her sister. They found her car off state Highway 160 near Tyler Island Road. Investigators believe she lost control of her car and drove into the Sacramento River in Isleton. But officials aren’t able to retrieve her body until at least Saturday. They say the storms have further delayed the recovery process. Some witnesses tried to pull her out but couldn’t. Divers found the car Sunday night and attached orange buoys to mark the submerged car. But the CHP says they didn’t have enough volunteer divers to safely retrieve the car. The family and many people are outraged by the response. The victim’s daughter, Mikaela Hampton, said, “This doesn’t make sense. This happened Sunday night, my mom should have been out of the water Monday morning.” Haydee Perry lives half a block from crash site and said, “I’m hurt in my heart. If it was my family member, I’d climb down there myself and get her.” The CHP says a dive team will try and recover the body Saturday morning, but if the river and weather conditions change, they may have to push it back.

Michael Moore & Mark Ruffalo Lead Inauguration Protest At Manhattan’s Trump Hotel

Thousands of New Yorkers — as well as a healthy contingent of entertainment industry names including Julianne Moore, Robert DeNiro, Alec Baldwin and Sally Field — gathered on Manhattan’s Upper West Side Thursday night, turning up for a political protest organized by Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Fisher Stevens on the eve of the inauguration... Read more »