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The Code of Life

Hello my dear Humans!

Today we would like to touch one of the most complicated subjects: Life…

What is Life? 

Life is a mystery and to understand it we need to create a pathway that it easier to walk through the woods. Sometimes people are so complicated that they don’t understand the meaning of life. Humans search for materialistic and physical pleasures, and the just a little is never enough. They more we have, the more we want to have.

Every Human is very individual and every person looks on the World through their own lenses.

For example:


In one small city there was a couple. They lived in the small apartment, in a tinny neighborhood, where the windows from each apartment were facing each other. 

Every day the wife complained to a husband: “Honey, our neighbor is doing laundry today. Every week she is hanging her cloths outside and it is always dirty. I wonder if she is blind!”

Week after week she repetitively questioned if her neighbor sees that her laundry stays dirty, until one day, when her husbanded washed the windows in their apartment. 

Suddenly she ran to him saying that surprisingly the neighbor made laundry and cloths were clean! 

The morality of this story proves that not always what we see looks how it is in reality.

Most people assume that Life is about things, big or small. In some way it is correct. If we enjoy and get relief of emotions by getting beautiful dress or a sharp business suit, we are happy!

Happiness is something that makes as smile! When people smile, they are happy. They look younger; they feel weightless when they are laughing.

What makes us happy? 

Again and again we say that every Human is Unique and this is why depending on a personality, many people searching for their happiness within themselves.

Human being as an individual can find a searchable key to happiness only inside of their soul. Sometimes it takes a life long journey to discover where that special key locates.

When we think about something very specific, we want to achieve it, get it, use it and most likely we will.

Our thoughts are our reality!

Right away, after reading the previous paragraph, we want to create thoughts of something we want. Imagine, magically appeared genie comes and gives out what we want….

How awesome! Right…

The perfect advice was giving by a person, who runs a huge marketing scam. Totally misleading company created a huge marketing software online, recruits people, promising millions of dollars in 5 minutes! Once people are signed for a program they had to pay. Every step for using their million dollar revenue program must be paid.

Pay or no highway!

But most importantly, they had the best training and inspiration towards the future. Something that supported the Code of Life!

Here is what the letter said:

Amazing how everyone believes those words: “Do Nothing and Get Rich”!


What happens if?

You go to high school and “Do nothing”?
Go to college and “Do nothing”?
Start a new job and “Do nothing”?

Here is the answer and we all know it!!

You will FAIL miserably!

So why is it that so many people fall into the true SCAM of things like..

Click a button and get rich

Do 5 minutes a day and get rich…

Honestly, all of it really upsets me to the core…


It’s all a SCAM and a lie!

I will tell it to you again… Are you ready?

Getting RICH by doing nothing does not exist or we would all be rich!!

At that moment the scam company agrees that anything that offers: “Do nothing and get rich” is a scam!

How is it possible? 

Easy… this is what makes rich and successful people stand out from any crowed. They don’t stop searching, creating a path to their financial freedom. Those companies don’t do anything illegal at all, but they are so much smarter than us, regular Humans, who believe their beautiful inspirational stories right away. They think ahead of us and they work much harder than any of us, because they want to achieve those results and get the golden key.

How exploratory and very simple!

The middle road to success is making a right decision. The hardest part is to achieve the searchable results. It is still doable, but the results are varies on the personality.

More than 60% of humans at this point stopped, looked around and returned back home, in front of their TV, warm loved couches, and cozy spots; disappointed, upset and angry.  They blame everything and everyone except themselves. But the worst part comes later. The situation like that makes us stop believing in ourselves. It is a dead end for most people, who give up something they wanted to achieve.

This example teaches us a huge secret of life. And the only good motivated point out the conclusion, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The reality from disappointment makes the willingness and outcome in life either stronger or weaker.

Maybe getting dress and go back out; searching again and again, instead of comfort of the calm and relaxing time, will bring a good result sooner than we all think.?

Working harder guarantees the success.

Think about it and don’t stop half way! Find the key to your happiness and only then, you will find the key to life!

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Freedom of Emotions

“Inside of me I hear a scream, but my ears are blocked by my brains…Why my brains are ignoring something so loud? My heart is about to explode from ignorance! Maybe because I am a human, and I think, before I feel?! Do we really trust our brains over our heart?”

I remember when my best friend said to me:

” You are just different, you live with your heart, everyone else lives with their brains!”

“I do what?  Did you just called me stupid? What do you mean? I got no brains?” –My first respond was getting me out of control, when it hit me very hard, – she is so right!

It’s not about me being stupid, but about my emotions, my honesty, my understanding on life! I live this life with my emotions, with my feelings!  So what?!

“It’s not bad, she replied to me! You are just so different and you are the best!”

That night I was sitting down thinking about what she said….

I am emotional, yes, I know that, but I don’t think with my heart, I just push my willingness to become a truth! How is that for emotions? I would call myself spontaneous, yes! I go ahead to proceed towards my wishes, but in the real life, do we call spontaneous person different from everyone else?

What is the difference between:” living with your heart, or living with your brains?

Looking for some answers, I researched on Google and came out with some great explanations:

This specific article explained exactly my thoughts and feelings, just in more complicated ways. If I would translate it in simple words, it would sound just like this:

Our emotions, feelings, and thoughts depend on each other.

Our Brains works with our heart equally the same, but depending on our ability to accept our thoughts, your feelings still “rule the world!”

Feelings and Thoughts

Anything that was said or done is possibly followed by a long series of unconscious thoughts and thought processes.

What is the difference between emotion, feeling, thought, logic, and intelligence?

Use of any of them requires a lot of attention, even when you are feeling something emotional; your attention is directed toward that thing.

The answer is that everything in life eventually results in feelings, even emotions results in feelings.

Emotion is unconscious thoughts about things and thoughts are conscious thoughts about things.

Thought results in feelings, so unconscious thought (emotion) is also going to result in feelings.

As we see and understand it, we can’t live as Humans without either or! We are depending on our emotions, thoughts and feelings!

To some people this outcome resulting in feelings later on, but that still means that feelings are always the end result.

Thoughts might be the result of current thoughts. It’s almost like emotion; unconscious emotional thoughts are going to result in unconscious emotional thoughts later on.

Feelings could be called unconscious thoughts, because thought is just focusing on one thing for a brief period of time.

Therefore emotion, thought and feeling are really just periods of focus on certain things.

With thoughts you just recognize what it is that you are focusing on.

With emotions you feel deeply about what you are focusing on, and with feelings you are focusing on it less.

Physical stimulus also results in feelings, and then you focus on those feelings, you aren’t necessarily focused on what caused the feelings.

In reality, our life consists of different types of feelings;

When you think that you are in a period of life when you’re not feeling anything, you really are feeling something; you just don’t recognize what it is.  Remember those feelings are thoughts, we can’t identify.

Emotions is feelings, completely separate from facts or information.

All facts and information are going to be about things that cause feeling; however, since all things that happen because feelings and all facts and information are about things that happen.

So, facts and information are just feelings organized in a logical manner. Intellect and thought also generates feelings, when those thoughts are processed in your mind.

Since thoughts are really only about feelings, it is logical that thoughts actually has root in feelings.

For example: all events are really feelings in the mind, so thoughts are actually just comparing feelings. You take two feelings and can arrive at one thought.

All thoughts are the understanding of how feelings and real events interact with themselves.

Feelings are providing motivations to arrive at the answer (the thought).

Thoughts are a little different for humans; however, because humans have such a large memory, they are able to compare this experience to all the other experiences in their life.

Thoughts, especially in humans, are not independent – they can be much more complicated and it can appear to be that nothing is as it seems.

If someone says to you, “I know x”. He isn’t just saying that he knows x, but there is a chain of other thoughts that also occur in your mind.

You analyze the statement he made and it causes you to think automatically, “Do I know x too?”

“What if this other person is smarter than me?” that doesn’t lead to a feeling of being dumb (it might), instead it leads to another concrete thing “maybe I am stupid” or the thought “maybe that person is stupid” interacting with the thought “because that thing he or she said, was wrong!”

So, one simple thought for a human can mean much more than that one thought.

They can all be moving at the same time as well, not only does one thought follow another; but it occurs instantaneously. If the thing the person said was something you didn’t know, it might make you feel stupid, thus the thought results in a feeling.  Feeling can be translated to a thought.

So it isn’t the feeling, “I am stupid” it is the thought “I am stupid”. Feeling stupid might make you feel bad, but it isn’t just that you are feeling bad, you are also thinking over and over “I am stupid” unconsciously, and that is what is making you feel bad, or you are paying attention to the fact, that “you are stupid”.

Thus thought, feeling, and emotion are just paying attention to different things in your head; Concrete of things.

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Ignorance is equal to Sickness

Ignorance is equal to Sickness

Hello my dear Humans!

Today we are going to talk about us, Humans, and how we can change ourselves for better us.

IMG_5383 (1)

Not long ago, one very good friend of mine mentioned that people can change.

According to my friend’s opinion, people can change 100%.

Very interesting to know what everyone else thinks…

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