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Human Relationships would like to introduce a new Elite Magazine to the World of all Humans!

Featured magazine will include topics: Marriage Relationships, Children / Parents Relationships, Romantic Relationships, Work Relationships, Love Relationships, Abuse, Addiction, Inspiration, Understanding of life and much more.

Magazine includes: human psychology,  short stories and collections, books and video reviews, World news, games, music productions, education in marketing, computer techniques, support for children’s education for all levels,  animal lovers, funny jokes, unique pictures and just anything and everything about Humans.

Special project about memories and dreams will have deeper understanding of our afterlife existence. Every month Elite Magazine will include fresh stories inside “the project”, deeper thinking and a contest for best author of the month. Also,  photography contest will be organized, where the best photo of the month will be published in our Elite Magazine, which will give an opportunity for artists to promote their name.

Our Story

Anyone can teach life lessons because each one of us is enriched with different life experiences. However, when it comes from someone who has to go through hardships and difficulties in life, it gains more value.

Meet the Team

Director, Creator and Founder:  Anna Mednikov

About Author:

Just call me:    Citizen of Earth 

All of us are Citizens of Earth, and no one can say words such as illegal or not qualified. There is no deportation exists on Earth for their citizens, unless God decides differently!

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